Training & Carieer

  • Bestec IIT
    • Bestec IIT is a Brahe & Bestec training academy where we provide training in Autodesk products and Teamwork. We recruit coming employees directly from the training academy.
  • Staff Training
    • Due to the fact that we often work with project types that have a high level of difficulty most of our staff training is gained by working, however we have a team of problem solvers who are ready to solve any thinkable problem at minutes notice. When a new problem is solved a training session is called so that everybody is informed about the new technique. Whenever we know that we will
    • be working with a new work flow type or technique a training session is called to clarify the particulars.  
  • Why work at B&B
    • At B&B you will find a friendly and casual company spirit as well as a platform to further develop your skills.  
  • Job oportunites
    • We are constantly looking for skilled architects and engineers who want to do high level architectural modeling and drafting. Please contact us via our main email address and leave your CV with us. We will contact you before we begin the next recruitment session.